Shannon Sharpe discusses her keys to success and the passion behind her career and achievements.

Just because there’s a set business in the family doesn’t mean you have to necessarily join in, and Shannon Sharpe of Sharpe Realty is proof of that. New Orleans born and bred, Shannon grew up around the restaurant business, as her family owns some of NOLA’s most successful and delicious spots around town. Despite this, that didn’t stop her from taking the plunge into the real estate world at the age of twenty-one. “I was going through the process of buying my first house and I just loved the whole process,” she explained, “there’s so many aspects of real estate. I saw the benefits of starting in the business young and wanted to encourage younger people to save money.” I can only imagine the enthusiasm Shannon must have felt as she was starting out as a realtor, but meeting her and hearing about her impressive work ethic gives me a pretty good idea.

To put it simply, Shannon is passionate about every aspect of her career, specifically marketing a property to create sufficient interest. As a self-proclaimed “business romantic,” Shannon has an interest in not only herself succeeding, but also her family, friends, clients, agents and peers achieving success. She is not just looking to help out family, friends or her own company, but is instead interested in working as a team in order to benefit everyone. She explains that owning a brokerage is much different than being a realtor, but her clients are still the top priority. “I’m interested in helping everyone make money. It’s important to make good investments, obtain financial security and work together.” She calls real estate a “cooperative competitive game,” a side of the business that she absolutely loves.

While she loves working in the hustle-bustle of Uptown New Orleans, she loves going home to her family in Lake Vista. Her two sons and daughter love the area and she says that it is perfect for family. As for being a business owner, Shannon calls it eye-opening. “There’s no limits, and it’s a fun responsibility,” she says. “All my design, creative energy and expertise are all going into this; it’s systematic. I want to create awareness in the marketplace.” More than anything, Shannon is clear about her interest in doing something that works. “I’m interested in helping others,” she says, and based on her work ethic and enthusiasm, there’s no doubt that she’s doing just that.

Publication: Lake Vista magazine. June, 2015.

Shannon Sharpe