Welcome, Agents!

Dear Agent,

I am so pleased to meet with you regarding your real estate brokerage selection. I wanted to share with you my experience as a licensee and my reasons for becoming a broker.

I spent ten years working for other brokers and for most of those years, the market was strong and I had a lot of sales. However, other years were a struggle. During those tough years, the first things I had to cut from my budget were marketing expenses.

Even though I knew marketing and advertising are what sell houses, I was so burdened by the fees of my broker that I no longer could pay for the necessity of marketing my own business. I knew money spent on marketing and advertising, is effectively more money back in my pocket, but it became a vicious cycle, less money, less marketing, less marketing, less money.

What could I do?  I decided to become a broker so that I could not only afford to market my business, but also to give agents the freedom to do that themselves. That’s how I came up with Sweet Sixteen!

What is the sweet sixteen?

I discovered that as a brokerage 16% is enough to cover signs, rent and support staff to run the brokerage. That leaves you with 84% profit from every sale! More than enough to pay for all of your marketing and advertising. We also provide you with marketing essentials to make it easy.

Low fees, independence, and ultimately, more money to spend on your business. That’s the Sharpe Realty goal! We all win!

I look forward to becoming your broker and teaching you all the Sharpe techniques!


Shannon Sharpe